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Wynwood’s Miami Arts Charter School

Empowering Young People at Wynwood’s Miami Arts Charter School

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At the Miami Arts Charter School in the heart of Wynwood’s creative capital, no doors are ever closed. Their goal is to ignite curiosity and bring out the artists in every student. And when the sun sets, they embrace the rhythm of education with students performing live at their downstairs Listening Room Wynwood. Read an interview about Miami Arts Charter School with Alfred de la Rosa, the Founder and Chief Education Administrator & Instrumental Music Conductor, below.


Q: What motivated you to choose Wynwood as the location for the Miami Arts Charter School, and how has the neighborhood responded to the school’s presence over the years?

A: As I was born and raised in Wynwood, I always knew that an art school in this neighborhood would serve the community well. When choosing the location, we knew we needed a cutting-edge facility in a very creative and artistic environment. Wynwood naturally became our choice in 2014. The synergy between the school and the vibrant artistic environment has been mutually enriching, contributing to Wynwood’s cultural landscape while empowering students’ creative journeys.


Q: What are the different artistic disciplines taught at Miami Arts Charter School, and how do they form a part of the school’s curriculum?

A: We’re very proud of the fact that the school has grown so much. We have over 1,100 students not only benefiting from the wonderful academic programs in the core areas of math, English, science, and social studies, but of course, the arts. We offer a variety of classes that span music, dance, theater, creative writing, visual art, photo and film.


Q: The Listening Room Wynwood is a new addition to the school’s campus. Can you tell us more about this project, and what inspired you to create this unique space?

A: Well, we’re proud that our school is unique. We emphasize bringing the outside professional world of creative artists to share their experiences and knowledge with our kids. We have a great entrepreneurship program which seeks to teach our students how to use their art to make a living. For example, the Listening Room Wynwood serves as an outlet for our students to receive hands on experience in our living, breathing, and functioning jazz club. We’ve had Grammy award-winning musicians and world class performers. Not only are they professionals, but they are our adjuncts and tutors.


Q: Could you provide some information about the student body at the school, such as backgrounds, skills and experience?

A: We’ve been very lucky to attract some of the finest teachers in the state, but of course we also have brought on teachers throughout the country and even overseas. This has served us very well and has contributed to much of our school’s success.


Q: The Miami Arts Charter School has grown tremendously since its inception. What do you see as the future of the school, and what goals do you have for its continued development?

A: The next school year will mark our 15th year anniversary at Miami Arts Charter School, and in that short time we are very proud to know that many of our former students are out there today in the real world as successful artists, musicians, and actors. Each year, for the last 15 years, our students have garnered millions of dollars in college scholarships, and many have won prestigious positions in the annual Young Arts competition. Once again, we have been classified as a high performing charter school and are listed in the top 100 schools in Florida. We’re very proud about our school’s achievements and accolades and we’re on the way for another great 15 years ahead of us.


Discover more of Miami Arts Charter School: https://www.miamiartscharter.net

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