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Wynwood BID Unveils Employee Parking Program

In an effort to provide relief to our Wynwood employee community, the Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) has been working with local property owners and parking operators in the area to provide affordable employee parking options beginning September 2018.

The current list of participating parking operators are LAZ Parking, City Parking Inc, Omni Parking and M&M Parking. However, please note that we expect the program to expand as other parking locations become operational. Below are the costs, parking lot addresses and contact information for each parking lot that participating employees can choose from based on their workplace location. We have also included a map to assist with parking location identification efforts.

Wynwood Employee Parking Map

Wynwood Employee Parking Map





























Option 1

Company: M&M Parking at Mana Properties
Contact: Tino Martinez
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 305-303-6304

Pricing:  Monthly parking options available for $90.00 monthly.  Please contact M&M Parking directly for more information.

 Participating Lots:

  1. 318 NW 23 Street


Option 2

Company: OMNI Parking
Contact: David Peralta
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 786-731-4558
Website: https://www.omniparkingmiami.com/monthly-parking

Pricing:  Monthly parking options available for $70.00 plus tax.  Please contact Omni Parking directly for more information.

Participating Lots:

  1. 160 NW 28 Street
  2. 151 NW 27 Street
  3. 80 NW 26 Street
  4. 81 NW 25 Street
  5. 95 NW 23 Street ** Wynwood Charter School Garage, evening parking from 5pm to 3am Monday/Friday. All-Day parking available Saturday & Sunday**


Option 3

Company: City Parking, Inc.
Contact: Michael Gierlach
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 786-724-0409

Pricing:  Varying employee pricing options available from $5.00-$10.00 daily, please contact City Parking directly for more information

 Participating Lots:

  1. CPI Lot 179 – 179 NW 28 Street
  2. CPI Lot 181 – 110 NW 29 Street
  3. CPI Lot 182 – 2819 NW 1 Avenue
  4. CPI Lot 188 – 2724 NW 2 Avenue
  5. CPI Lot 193 – 275 NW 27 Terrace
  6. CPI Lot 194 – 139 NW 26 Street

Option 4

Company: LAZ Parking at Wynwood Garage
Contact: Andy Gonzalez
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 305-531-4411

Pricing:  Please contact LAZ Parking directly for more information.

 Participating Lots:

  1. 321 NW 26 Street

** Blackout dates apply to all the above rates.  Blackout dates will be every 2nd Saturday, Art Basel, and any major special events.**