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Wynwood BID Façade Improvement Grant Program- Inaugural Release

On behalf of the Wynwood Business Improvement District (“BID”) Board of Directors (“Board”), we are pleased to announce the inaugural Façade Improvements Grant Program for our District Members. The Grant is aimed at encouraging and assisting businesses and property owners within the district to restore and improve the appearance of their storefront and other applicable uses.

The Wynwood BID’s Façade Improvements Grant Program offers BID members up to $5,000 in reimbursement for a $2,500 investment. In other words, BID members can spend a maximum of $7,500, and the BID will reimburse you $5,000, with only $2,500 actually coming out of your pocket. Please note, in order for applicants to be deemed eligible for the grant, said the proposed improvements must be maintained for a duration of at least three (3) years following notification to the BID of the improvement project completion.


  • Repairs, cleaning, and/ or re-painting of building exteriors
  • New building signage installations as per NRD-1 code requirements
  • Exterior lighting for facades and signage. Security lighting also will be eligible
  • Installation of a pre-approved mural on exterior façade of the property. An artist proof will be required prior for consideration
  • Outdoor security improvements (E.g., cameras, etc.)
  • Front door and window replacement improvements



  1. Complete applications must be submitted to the Wynwood BID by July 22, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.  Please note applicants must not have any outstanding BID assessment payments for their property, in order to qualify.
  2. Applications are reviewed and approved/or rejected by an advisory committee; this review process takes approximately 30 days after the project deadline date set forth.  Please note that preference will be given to applicants who are deemed “in most need” and for improvements with the greatest overall net positive to the business and/or property.
  3. Applicants are reimbursed upon completion of the improvements approved by the advisory committee. Note that the notification of completion must include proof of work completion including, but not limited to: Before and after photos, receipts of payment vendors for the purchase of relevant supplies, goods, equipment and contractual services, etc.



  1. Review and submit the Façade Improvements Grant Program application.
  2. All applications must provide a minimum of three (3) written quotes from vendors for the purchase of relevant supplies, goods, equipment and contractual services, as per requirements from the Office of the City (of Miami) Attorney. All work must be performed by a licensed contractor, permitted and inspected, as applicable.
  3. All application must provide photos of existing conditions and digital renderings of proposed improvements.

Application must be submitted, in full, by the deadline date set forth

For any questions, please email [email protected] or call 786-615-8828.

Thank you,

Wynwood BID