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Why Wynwood Will Boom Even Louder

By: Jennifer Leclaire

MIAMI—Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood is booming—and it’s about to boom a little louder. The City of Miami Planning, Zoning and Advisory Board has approved the Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalizaton District (NRD).

The NRD plan sets forth new zoning regulations for Wynwood to protect its artsy vibe while pushing more funding for neighborhood improvements. GlobeSt.com caught up with David Polinsky, a Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) board member and planning committee chair, to find out what this really means for Wynwood in this exclusive interview.

GlobeSt.com: What is the NRD Plan and what does it seek to achieve?

Polinsky: The Wynwood NRD Plan sets forth new zoning guidelines for Wynwood that will encourage new, mixed-use residential and office developments, create dedicated funding for neighborhood improvements, promote pedestrian-focused activated streets and preserve the area’s unique artistic and industrial character. The goal is to ensure Wynwood’s continued evolution as a center for creativity that attracts visitors, innovators, and residents.

GlobeSt.com: Will the NRD Plan allow for more residential development in the district? How?

Polinsky: The goal of the residential component of the plan is to encourage more diverse residential options in Wynwood by allowing increased density from 36 and 65 to 150 dwelling units per acre including smaller, more affordable units under 650 square feet. The zoning that exists today leads to the development of larger, more expensive units because the currently allowed density is so low. The new regulations will enable people who already work and enjoy the neighborhood to also live here.

GlobeSt.com: How will the plan guarantee that Wynwood’s unique, artistic vibe won’t be lost in the midst of new development?

Polinsky: The Wynwood NRD Plan has several measures that will ensure that the neighborhood’s unique artistic and industrial characteristics are preserved. The plan will require art or glass treatments on the ground floor of new developments.

It will also allow for Transfer of Development Rights, which will encourage the preservation of one-story, legacy structures that have become a part of the fabric of Wynwood. Finally, the NRD plan includes the creation of the Wynwood Design Review Committee to review the design of proposed neighborhood developments and promote the continued evolution of arts-driven architectural designs.

Deal flow is strong in Wynwood.

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