© Maya Hayuk

Urban Evolution: From Warehouse District to 24/7 Neighborhood

Photo credit: Wynwood BID

Not long ago, Wynwood was a little-known Miami neighborhood that housed a mix of warehouses, industrial lots and a small handful of art studios. There were few – if any – restaurants or retailers to speak of, and the area emptied out after sundown.

Fastforward to the present, and Wynwood has become a proud symbol of Greater Miami’s urban renaissance. It’s beloved by locals for its authenticity and accessibility, and sought out by visitors for its renowned mural art and unique vibe. A once-drab landscape of warehouses is now draped in colorful artwork and a mix of galleries, dining, nightlife spots, local breweries and retailers keeps the neighborhood going strong well after sunset.

Today, the neighborhood is taking the next step in its evolution with the Neighborhood Revitalization District plan – NRD for short. The NRD plan, which was commissioned by the Wynwood BID and developed in partnership with the City of Miami and urban planning firm Plusurbia, sets forth new zoning guidelines that encourage new, mixed-use residential and office developments, create dedicated funding for neighborhood improvements, promote pedestrian-focused streets and preserve the area’s unique artistic and industrial character. The plan allows for denser residential development within Wynwood’s Arts District, introducing a new element that will complete Wynwood’s transformation from a 9:00-to-5:00 warehouse district to a 24/7 neighborhood in Miami’s urban core where people cannot only work and play – but also live.

More than a dozen new Wynwood residential and mixed-use projects are now in the works, with a focus on buildings that respect the neighborhood’s current aesthetic and which include smaller, more affordable units that cater to young, creative-class professionals. To learn more about the Wynwood’s Neighborhood Revitalization District plan (NRD) and ways the Wynwood BID is shaping the future of its district, visit Projects + Services.