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This Miami neighborhood was just named one of the top hipster hangouts in America

By: Connie Ogle

Patrons walk down NW 3rd Avenue in Wynwood.

Patrons walk down NW 3rd Avenue in Wynwood.













It will come as no surprise that a popular Miami neighborhood was named one of the top hipster hangouts in America. Yes, that’s right – Kendall is the top spot for hipsters all over the country. Take that, Portland!

Ha ha! We’re kidding about the Kendall part (despite its magic). The top hipster hangout in Miami is actually Wynwood, according to TripAdvisor. And we are surprisingly OK with that. (TripAdvisor also pays tribute to other hipster hotbeds like Philadelphia’s Fishtown, Seattle’s Ballard and East Nashville.)

TripAdvisor writes this about Wynwood: “Dotted with some of the best breweries, pop-up shops, and dance venues Miami has to offer, this once-industrial district has been transformed.” No kidding. Years ago, Miami used to speed through it with the doors locked.

The article also offers shoutouts to favorites like Wynwood Brewing Company and Coyo Taco. It does not mention exactly how many Instagrammable spots there are – this is a crucial element in becoming a hipster hot spot – but we estimate conservatively that the number exceeds one billion.

Sure, everybody likes those murals. But we hear a lot of people wishing the hipsters would go back to the Brooklyn from whence they sprang fully formed from artisanal ramen shops. But we are quite frankly happy to have them here. They have taught us so much.


  • Avocado toast is worth up to $10 a slice
  • Brussels sprouts actually taste good
  • You can make a mango craft beer and people will actually drink it
  • The uglier the beard the better it is
  • Someone will pay a lot of money for your old David Bowie “Hunky Dory” album
  • It’s no longer called an “album” – it’s “vinyl”

So, see, hipsters have been an important influence on Miami culture. We should be very happy to have them here. At least until we’re trying to find a parking space on a Saturday.

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