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The Whimsical World of Glottman: Showroom, Studio & Shop in Wynwood

A Fusion of Concepts by Visionary Designer Oscar Glottman

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Glottman Showroom, Studio, and Shop located in Miami’s vibrant art hub — Wynwood. Oscar Glottman, the mastermind behind it all, has revolutionized the concept of retail space, creating a captivating hybrid of retail, studio, and showroom. He effortlessly blends the boundaries between these three elements, resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience. Glottman’s design philosophy is rooted in innovation and technology, with a strong emphasis on design, reflected in the thoughtfully curated selection of bold furniture and funky decor. Discover more about Glottman and his innovative establishment below.

Glottman is a hybrid of creativity made up of three main pillars: retail, studio and showroom. Which concept was born first and why was Wynwood the perfect location for it?

When I arrived in the neighborhood in 2005, Wynwood was just beginning to bloom and blossom into what it is today. At the time, I mostly did architecture and interior design and I had a warehouse in the neighborhood. The art walks started becoming popular, and occasionally I would have events and parties during those evenings. It became clear to me that the vibe of Wynwood was the right fit. My concept has always been to provide design from the smallest object to the largest, and I’ve always believed that it starts with lifestyle. From those basic principles, I reinvented the company and began to provide objects, books, and items that were relevant to people’s lifestyles. Part of the inspiration was Wynwood.

The architectural design projects by Glottman continue to push the ideas of form, function and lifestyle. What is the design ethos behind your craft?

The initial drive was always about innovation and technology with an emphasis on design. This involved curating the store and selecting all the objects. They have to have a vision of the future and a sense of humor or a statement. However, design can be intimidating at times and can end up feeling like a museum or too niche for consumers. By bringing all these items into one place that has to do with a wide range of living, I try to inject a sense of reality into the product and accessibility, so that it feels like it’s for everyone.

How do you harmoniously run a showroom, studio and retail space at the same time?

It was always clear to me that what I wanted to do was to promote design in a reverse process. The idea was to begin with my practice in architecture and get to the creation of urban spaces and buildings, but I wanted to be inspired by lifestyle and personal experience. Because of that clarity in the concept, it was easy to make the connection between the different trades of the practice that would allow for presenting the smallest object next to the largest building system within the same space.

Your impact on the community has been visible to many, from Lightbox Studios to the Wynwood Walls gift shop. How did these collaborations come to life and how does a working relationship with adjacent businesses further push the Wynwood neighborhood forward?

In terms of the Wynwood Walls and the Lightbox, I was asked to collaborate because I was in the neighborhood and had a deep understanding of what the area was about. It all starts with the initial concept of working with an architectural point of view with a clear understanding of the use of materials and light as a building material. There’s often a case of reinterpreting building methods and technologies to fit budgets and front-facing audiences. That was a challenge, but simultaneously, the outcome was unique because we could take general materials and make them into more sophisticated designs.

Discover more of Glottman: Showroom, Studio and Shop: https://glottman.com 

2213 NW 2nd Ave