Mr Blob

Giovanni Calabretti, known as Mr. Blob, is a renowned Italian graffiti artist and illustrator born in 1988 in Taranto. Mr. Blob began his artistic journey as a self-taught artist, exploring the underground culture and its many facets. In 2011, after honing his technical skills, he moved to Milan, where the rich and diverse art scene provided new opportunities for his growth. Participating in numerous Italian and European events, he eventually made a mark overseas as well. Mr. Blob creates dreamlike worlds inhabited by animal characters with big eyes and human-like movements, driven by their instincts. His meticulous study of light brings his murals to life, enhancing and altering colors based on the surfaces they illuminate. Each piece is deeply influenced by the local flora and fauna, offering detailed and well-researched works to the communities they adorn. The vibrant colors he expertly blends and creates enhance every scene, making his art a magical experience for viewers.

"Crab's friends" and "Key to Knowledge" are works realized in duo with Giulio Rosk. Miami, Florida, USA December 2021.

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