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Where Unique Meets Boutique



Wynwood is the creative, eclectic heart of Miami. From A-listers to us regular locals, from jetsetters to every tourist who wants to experience South Florida-cool, people come here to live, work, experience the art, eat, have fun and now more than ever…to shop! Unique and boutique, Wynwood’s retail bounty is one of the neighborhood’s special attractions. Escape the homogeneity of malls and chain stores, and discover the carefully curated and artisanal local experiences that the Arts District has to offer.

Need some new duds to express your own creativity? Wynwood’s stores got you covered. They boast an array of chic clothing stores that cater to fashion-forward tastes. From trendy dresses to stylish accessories, you’ll discover the latest designs in these boutique stores. A well-selected new wardrobe can elevate anyone’s look and is perfect for a night outat Wynwood’s renowned restaurants, bars and clubs.

Want to accessorize yourself with sunglasses, earrings or bracelets? A trip to Wynwood is the way to go. No shopping experience is complete without finding the perfect add-on to complement your outfit. Discover a treasure trove of retail locations where you can find those finishing touches that complete your one-of-a-kind look.

And looking to upgrade your home with great design and vinyl records to spin? Wynwood is the smart choice. Spruce up your living space with exciting home decor finds from Wynwood’s specialty stores.  Find a diverse mix of decorative items, from contemporary sculptures to bohemian tapestries, which are sure to give your home a distinct personality.

Sustainability is central to Wynwood’s identity at numerous businesses – and in its intrinsic walkability. One of the delights of shopping in Wynwood is the presence of pop-up shops and weekend markets that offer surprise treasures and limited-edition products. Ride the City of Miami trolley, get on a Citi Bike, park your car, and keep an eye out for special events that could be the latest must-dos

As you stroll through Wynwood’s vibrant streets, take in the largest collection of street-art in the world, feel the energy and find your shopping groove. For our list of some the best retail stores in Wynwood and special surprises, visit www.wynwoodmiami.com/wynwood-shopping/.