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Beauty is ever-present in Wynwood, from the world famous murals that adorn its streets to the gentle, healing ethos of Sana. They are more than just a skin studio, intertwining result-driven practices with a soulful touch. Sana can take you on journey into holistic well-being. It is a sanctuary in the ever-evolving world of skincare. Dive into the revolution that is Sana with an exclusive interview with co-founder Valentina Hernandez. 

Q: Why did you choose Wynwood as the location for your first studio?
A: As Miami locals, we witnessed Wynwood become the backdrop for many unique, grassroots, thriving small businesses. Establishments like Zak The Baker, Panther Coffee, OFY, were huge inspirations for us. We also loved that Wynwood is so centrally located and accessible to most people. So it was a no brainer for us to begin our journey here.

Q: How did the studio navigate through the challenges posed by the pandemic, and what kind of support did you receive from the local community?
A: We were open for 3 weeks before the pandemic started and we had to close our doors. Like most people, we were completely in the dark as to what would happen to us and our team, but we made the most of the time we had to close. We opened up an e-commerce site and started to engage and grow our community online, which really benefited us once we reopened. We feel very blessed to have been supported by our community during that time.

Q:What inspired you to start Sana Skin Studio?
A: I wanted to redefine the skincare experience through goal driven facial, real guidance and curating the best of clean skincare. Taking care of your skin can be a lonely and confusing journey. I wanted to create a place where people would feel supported to achieve their best skin ever. A place that felt natural, effortless and welcoming. 

Q: What does the name Sana stand for?
A:The name Sana, deriving from the Spanish word “Sanar,” means “to heal.” We have the philosophy that we can all be our own skin healers if we learn to listen, to take care of and have patience with our skin.

Q: Why is clean skincare a pillar of Sana Skin Studio?
A: The personal care industry doesn’t have much regulation when it comes to safety testing. It was important for us to not only curate the best of clean skincare but for our guests to know that everything used on their skin in our facials is safe, effective and result-driven. We work with brands that align with our values and standards and put our health, our skin goals and sustainability efforts first. 

Q:How does Sana Skin Studio differentiate itself from other skincare studios in terms of its overall philosophy, range of services, and the customer experience it provides?
A: We aim to offer goal driven facials that fit seamlessly into your life without compromising results or your budget. Our facials are customized to your skin needs and are value packed and our experience always puts the customer top of mind. Everything from the way you are greeted, to our music, to our space, to our facials is an experience that is unique to Sana. So I guess you’ll have to come in to experience it for yourself. 😉 

Q:Can you share some success stories or testimonials from clients who have witnessed significant improvements in their skin health through the treatments and products offered by Sana Skin Studio?
A: We’ve gotten countless testimonials and messages from our members and guests not only on how their skin has transformed but how they finally feel confident in their skin. We’ve also been told that when they come to Sana, they feel loved. That is why we do what we do. Our community keeps us going.

Q: What is your favorite part of Sana Skin Studio or the treatments offered, and why does it hold a special place for you?
A: My favorite part of Sana is the community behind it and of course our incredibly talented team. My favorite facial is a close tie between the SuperGlow and SuperDetox, depending on how my skin is feeling. After getting out of a Sana facial, the glow is undeniable.

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