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Lucky Records

What's Good In Wynwood: Lucky Records

Lucky Records, a boutique record store attached to the 1-800-Lucky food hall in Wynwood, emerges as a sonic sanctuary featuring an eclectic vinyl collection. In an era dominated by digital convenience, Lucky Records stands as a beacon of authenticity with its carefully curated selection of genres, including rock, jazz, soul, funk, reggae, disco, hip-hop, house, boogie, and more. Keep reading for an exclusive interview with Tony Garcia, also known as DJ YNOT, curator at Lucky Records, as he shares insights into the world of music curation.


Q: Tell us about your journey (and background with music) and how you became a curator here at Lucky Records.
A: So, I started as a local DJ in the area, performing two to three nights a week, and during that time, I met Sven Vogtland, the now Founder of Coyo Taco, 1-800-Lucky, Dante’s HiFi, and Lucky Records. We both used to DJ together back in the day, which eventually unfolded into bringing me on as the curator for the record shop.

Q: As the curator, what goes into establishing a good record shop? How do you go about sourcing records in-house?
A: Curating records is the best part of the job here. It involves uncovering a diverse array of treasures, whether they are brand new or gently used. However, the most gratifying part is delving into aged collections and stumbling upon forgotten gems. Sourcing and acquiring records is an enjoyable process, as we have reliable distributors providing us with the latest releases. Nevertheless, sourcing older records can be a bit trickier. Typically, we accept collections from individuals looking to part with their records, but we also hit the road to try and find collections.

Q: What makes Wynwood a good location? Can you elaborate on the unique aspects of Wynwood that made it an attractive destination for the store?
A: Being here in Wynwood, it’s such a diverse population. It’s really important for us to diversify the records we have in the shop – it’s a small space but we definitely try to make the best use of it. We have people from all walks of life come through the door, tourists from all over the world, as well as locals with specific preferences, so we try to rotate and update our inventory on a regular to keep the bins packed with heat.

Q: What else is offered aside from records here?
A: Well aside from records, we also sell our own branded merch, which has done really well for us. A lot of times, people don’t collect records but are still interested in buying a t-shirt. It’s a bit of an inside joke that we have become the biggest distributors of Ramune, a popular Japanese soda. We have so many flavors and try to keep it stocked. We also have other music-related stuff like hip-hop trivia games and miniature action figures of various musicians. We also sell 7-inch records, which are usually played at 45 speed — DJs love these as they are lighter to carry and transport to venues.

Q: Is there a genre that sells best?
A: There’s another ongoing joke that we are the MF DOOM / Sade store. Pretty much anything that has these artists tied to it, is flying off the shelves. We try to keep a good variation of new and used records. I can tell you here in Miami Latin records do really well, and of course rock as well. Personally, as a former hip-hop DJ, I’m always pushing a good selection of hip-hop records in the store and we never seem to keep it in stock.

 Q: With a resurgence in vinyl, have you seen any impact on the business?
A: The resurgence of vinyl has been great for selling records. There’s been a renewed interest with some older collectors as well as newer collectors coming through the door every day. Overall, here in Miami, spots like Dante’s HiFi which are vinyl-only bars, have inspired DJs to pick up records again and get familiar with spinning records over MP3s.

Q: The outdoor venue has hosted some amazing acts in the past, is there anything coming up for music week in March?
A: No word at the moment as to who is performing however, Miami Music Week is coming up this month, and it’s always an exciting time to be here in Wynwood. There are all kinds of activations and great parties that we’ve hosted here — from Fools Gold Records to Soulection, and it’s always a good time to be around and check out some international talent that comes to play music with us.

Q: Lucky Records has a fantastic logo; can you tell us the story behind your famous cat mascot? Why do you think it represents Lucky Records so well?
A: People always ask about our cat logo for the shop. It’s basically the same as the 1-800 Lucky logo, as we are connected, but instead of the cat holding the phone, it’s a record, and on the collar, there is a little 45 adapter, which is what is used to play 7-inch records.

Q: What is the rarest/most expensive record to have come through Lucky Records’ doors? Are there any hidden gems you’re still hoping to find?
A: With records, there are some rare ones out there that we look for. Personally, I look for stuff from Miami, for example, one of the records we keep hanging is from a local Miami-based funk and soul record. These kinds of finds are truly unique to our city, and we make a deliberate effort to showcase such special pieces.


143 NW 23rd St