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Get Your Groove on at Dante’s HiFi

An Entrepreneurial Journey with Sven Vogtland

Looking for a place to get your groove on? Look no further than Dante’s HiFi, the intimate vinyl-listening bar located in Wynwood! We sat down with Sven Vogtland, one of the co-founders and creative minds behind this unique concept, to learn about his entrepreneurial journey and the inspiration behind the speakeasy-style venue. Read on to discover how Sven combined his passion for hospitality and music to create a one-of-a-kind space in one of Miami’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Wynwood. Plus, get the inside scoop on the exciting events happening at Dante’s HiFi this month for Miami Music Week, including a Q&A session with drum and bass legend Goldie!


Could you describe your entrepreneurial journey, and as a Miami native, what inspired you to invest specifically in the Wynwood neighborhood?

My professional background consists of working primarily in luxury Five-Diamond hotels and restaurants. My true passions are hospitality and music, and I always wanted to open my own place. At the time, the Wynwood neighborhood was in the process of being developed, and its diversity presented me with a unique opportunity to combine my two passions and create a special space in the area.


What inspired the concept of Dante’s HiFi, and how did you come up with the “speakeasy” look and feel?

As an avid vinyl collector, I have always been drawn to different phases and pockets of music. During my time in Japan, I discovered kissa listening bars and fell in love with the concept. I knew Miami needed something similar, particularly in Wynwood. That’s where the idea for Dante’s HiFi was born.


What events do you have planned for this month at your locations?

This month is particularly exciting for us as we have Miami Music Week coming up from March 21 – 26. We have an incredible lineup of artists playing at all of our venues, including the legendary drum and bass artist, Goldie. We will be hosting a Q&A session with him, and he will also be performing at Coyo Taco on Wednesday, March 22nd, and at a big event on Saturday, March 25th, during Miami Music Week. It’s an honor to have him, and we are thrilled to have so many great artists performing throughout the week. Our venue has been graced by some of my personal heroes in the past, and every night feels incredibly special.


Discover more of Dante’s HiFi: https://danteshifi.com 

519 NW 26th St