Development Projects

Mohawk at Wynwood

Mohawk at Wynwood is proposed as a 12- and 8-story multifamily residential building with 226 dwelling units and has a total floor area of 422,007 square feet.

The Project also activates rooftops at both the 8th and 12th stories, adding to the variety of amenities being provided.
The dwelling units are complemented by 24,629 square feet of ground floor retail space, fully activating not only NE 28th and 29th Streets, but the cross-Block Pedestrian Passage which will serve as a key gateway into Wynwood from Midtown. The cross-Block Pedestrian Passage will also be a permanent connection between NE 28th and 29th Streets, expanding the growing paseo network in

The Project also provides for 318 parking spaces in an enclosed garage, with an additional 17 on-street
spaces abutting the Property, for a total of 335 parking spaces provided for the Project.

Status: Pre-Construction

Residential Units: 226

Retail Space: 24,629 square feet

Projected Completion: TBD