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Winstanley Architects & Planners

Winstanley Architects & Planners is a boutique design studio that specializes in projects of distinction from a design, cultural, environmental or political perspective. We see ourselves as innovators: innovators of design, management, and technical applications. Our work is often recognized by our peers through design awards and we know how to get buildings built and master plans approved.
Our markets generally include academic institutions, commercial developers, public/civic organizations, and residential, both multi- and single-family. And our services include architecture, planning and interiors. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our practice and of the expertise that we bring to each assignment. We purposefully try to integrate our three disciplines of architecture, planning and interiors so that our clients benefit from a unified design product.
Our clients seek us out because they trust us. Developers trust us with their multimillion dollar investments; academic institutions trust that we will advise them on long-term solutions; and home owners trust us with details of their living habits so we can translate that into a warm and inviting residence.
Whether it is a small commercial interior, a multi-storied building or a planning assignment, a commitment to design is our founding principle. Our designers think creatively and conceptually and our technical teams focus on realistic building systems and details that are buildable and long lasting. We are interested in clients who understand the value of design both aesthetically and economically.