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Sid Hoeltzell Photography

Top Food & Beverage Photographer in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Commercial advertising and social media photographic solutions for international brands. MasterChef Season 9 on Gordon Ramsay’s team.

Since moving from his Photo-District studio in NYC, Sid Hoeltzell has pioneered Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. His experience with liquor and food photography earned him a Silver Clio, several ADDY awards and numerous clients who count in his skills and taste to capture the images and always deliver 110%.

In addition to food and liquor, he has photographed tourism campaigns and is a preferred fine-art photographer for Christie’s, Sotheby’s, MOMA, PAMM, Art Basel, the Vatican Collections, and some of the top art collectors worldwide. He’s also produced 450 commissioned works for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

His ability to capture the essence of flavor and the quality of a frosty beverage has made him a Miami icon.

Winner of the TRAVEL CHANNEL’s 2014 “Underground BBQ Challenge-Miami”. His cooking skills and his secret recipe for crawfish étouffée sealed the deal.