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Pastis Miami

Transporting guests to the avenues of Paris, the design invokes the spirit of the original. Special touches, including the iconic curved zinc bar, white subway tiles, and signature red banquettes, are showcased throughout the room. Gold-framed, hand-painted mirrors displaying the daily specials adorn the walls. Unique to Miami is a sprawling outdoor garden and courtyard that allows guests to enjoy the beautiful tropical weather from underneath a stunning enclosed pergola wrapped in black locust, a feature inspired by McNally’s home in Martha’s Vineyard.

Pastis offers crowd favorites such as Onion Soup (delicious even in the heat); Escargots; a selection of Steak Frites; and the perfectly-made Cheeseburger à l’Américaine. New additions to the menu include French regional specialties like Big Eye Tuna Carpaccio dressed in lemon-leek vinaigrette, and Red Snapper Provençal that bring tastes of the South of France to Florida. Raw bar platters and bread baskets abound. And, bien sûr, what is a night out without bubbles or rose? The list of cocktails, wines, and beer will keep the celebration going all night long.