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Hiyakawa Miami Japanese

Hiyakawa is a contemporary Japanese restaurant rooted in tradition that blends an unwavering dedication to craft with a devotion to the world’s finest ingredients to present an experience like no other. Our focus is simplicity, seasonality, and kikubari, the Japanese art of caring for others by flawlessly anticipating their needs. We use time-honored practices to prepare no more than 50 meals a night composed with seasonal ingredients from boutique purveyors and growers. From our aged soy sauces to fresh wasabi, nothing is overlooked. Our kitchen uses such traditional techniques as agemono, yakimono, nimono, and tsukemono to offer complete, balanced meals alongside omakase progressions tuned to seasonality.

Our philosophies guide everything we do. Our minimalist, almost mystical space is framed by wood panels arranged in organically undulating concentric rings that enamor guests while focusing attention on our dedicated itamae. Our service is calibrated to ensure each guest’s needs are met with the utmost knowledge and minimal distraction. We are at this very moment eagerly preparing for and awaiting your visit.

Arigato Gozaimasu