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Harold Golen

Harold Golen Gallery

Miami”s best Pop Surrealism Gallery, open since 2007, one of the original pioneers in the Wynwood Art District and a very unique experience for Art Lovers! Pop Surrealism is a Pop Culture art movement which originated in the late 1970’s, in Southern California, which spread across the USA and the the globe. Pop Surrealism is influenced by the “disposable art” our culture consumes on a daily basis such as, Illustration Art, Cartoon, Comic Book, Toy, Board Game, Advertising, Television, Movie, Black Velvet Painting, Big Eye, Paint By Number, Tiki, Pinup, Tattoo, Horror, Architectual, Interior Design and Fashion Trends. However, these artists take these influences and bring them up to a “Fine Art” level, using techniques as in Old Master Oil Painting, for example. Some of the top artists in this style are Mark Ryden, Ron English, Todd Schorr, Shag and many others. The Harold Golen Gallery offers a wonderful introduction to Pop Surrealism with available for purchase original artwork, prints, objects, art books, cards and the expertise and style of the gallery”s owner/curator Harold Golen, a must see and visit!