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Cynergi Building

Cynergi Condominium Association

Discover Cynergi – an architectural anomaly and an innovative concept in personal and professional shelter designed by Award Winning Architect Kobi Karp. Inspirational by design, Cynergi is a blank canvas uncluttered and untainted by visual noise or unnecessary obstructions.
Cynergi represents clean, understated, and practical elegance. 100 units composed to human scale and in harmony with the immediate environment and community.
The spaces are modern, luxurious and functional – in the heart of the evolving Wynwood Art District in Miami, “”the intersection of contemporary culture and urban revitalization”” and within close proximity to the progressive art collections of the world’s most prominent families and private collectors, Cynergi is the answer for luxury, working and living spaces when hyper-contemporary and uber-industrial constructions are simply not enough.
Cynergi is the structural manifestation of style over the predictable, the celebration of creativity and the fine art of living.

“Wynwood is more than a trend, it’s a movement!” – Richard Boprae