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Business Spotlight: Suite Habana Café

Suite Habana Café


Each month, we spotlight a few members of the Wynwood business community to share their unique story and concept. In this profile, we asked the team behind Suite Habana Café to tell us more about their upscale Cuban coffee shop.

Business address: 2609 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127

Suite Habana Cafe interior

A customer flips through a magazine inside Suite Habana Café.

Tell us a bit about your business – the concept, what you sell and what makes you unique.

Suite Habana Café is an upscale, Cuban coffee shop. We serve top tier Cuban Coffee with snacks such as empanadas, croissants, croquetas, cookies, and other baked goods. All of our products are locally sourced, including our coffee. We also feel that catering to the dietary needs of our customers should be a top priority. We offer various milk options and snacks to cater to our vegans and vegetarians such as Oat Milk, Almond Milk, and 100% vegan empanadas and cookies, and more!

The idea behind the concept is to show Miami something different when they think “Cuban.” Cuban doesn’t have to mean bakery or fast-casual, it can be an elevated experience, serving quality products. In Cuba, the most famous and beautiful restaurants are called “Paladares” — restaurants that are found in people’s homes. So when you walk into our location here in Wynwood, you will find comfortable, home-style furniture and decor, making you feel as at home as possible.

Why did you choose to open your business in Wynwood, as opposed to another Miami neighborhood?

Wynwood is home for us, in more ways than one. This is our favorite area for its culture, its arts, its diversity, and of course its food and beverage scene. We wanted to bring something different to the neighborhood, a home-style coffee shop that really showcased what Cuba has to offer. Not your typical bakery feel, or fast-casual restaurant. Being born and raised in Cuba, we know that Cuba has more to offer than what Miami is used to, and we wanted to bring that here, and what better area than Wynwood. An elevated coffee shop experience is the goal behind the concept and brand.

Breakfast items sold at Suite Habana Cafe

Suite Habana Café offers fresh croissants, empanadas and croquetas.

What does a typical day at Suite Habana Café look like?

We open our doors at 8 am and welcome our morning coffee crew. There’s a little bit of singing, a little bit of dancing, and a whole lot of love in our shop bright and early as the neighborhood regulars come and get caffeinated with us. As the day goes by, we welcome visitors from all around the world — we’ve seen tourists from London, New Zealand, California, New York, Wisconsin, and various other states. We love opening our doors to tourists and showing them a little bit of Cuban hospitality and converting them to cafecito lovers. Around 3 pm, our shop starts buzzing with those looking for a little mid-day pick me up. Whether its a colada to take back to their office or they are looking for a snack to get them through the rest of their day, we serve our afternoon crew with pride.

What’s your favorite Wynwood spot to visit?

That’s such a tough question. With so many incredible spots, how can we choose just one?! Wynwood Brewing Company would probably have to be one of our top favorites. There’s nothing like an ice-cold Rubia on a hot Miami day to unwind or have fun with friends.

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