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Business Spotlight: MAPS Backlot

MAPS Backlot


Each month, we spotlight a few members of the Wynwood business community to share their unique story and concept. In this profile, we asked the team behind MAPS Backlot to tell us more about their one-of-a-kind outdoor production and event space.

Business address: 342 NW 24 Street, Miami, FL 33127

Wedding at MAPS

Tell us a bit about your business – the concept, what you sell and what makes you unique.

Fueled by the vision of owner Paul Lardi, MAPS (Mobile Arts Production Services) opened its doors 26 years ago and provides a full-service production experience that offers concierge-style services that ranges from motor home rentals to professional photo studios and production services.  MAPS Backlot is a unique outdoor event space and photo/film studio, located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, providing a blank canvas to create the perfect atmosphere for every affair.  A complete list of superlative amenities, including easy vehicle access, indoor and outdoor spaces, and two cyc walls, is available to help make any vision come to life.  MAPS Backlot is not only user-friendly for the photo and film production industry but it also feels warm and inviting for anyone who walks in.  MAPS long lasting team is always on call to ensure a constant reliable service.

Why did you choose to open your business in Wynwood, as opposed to another Miami neighborhood?

MAPS Backlot originated as a parking lot for motorhomes in 2010 and as Wynwood grew, it organically transformed from the photo business industry to one of the most beautiful event venues in the neighborhood.  Wynwood Arts District is Miami’s new frontier for contemporary art, fashion, film, and entertainment.  MAPS Backlot, being nestled in the center of this creative and energetic neighborhood, not only enables us and our clients to participate in this unique experience but also to contribute and add value to the architectural and cultural developments.  We are fans and pioneers of the neighborhood and it is an honor for us to be a part of it.

 event at MAPSWhat does a typical day at MAPS Backlot look like?

Every day is different at MAPS Backlot.  From large music concerts with 1000 guests, intimate corporate dinners with celebrity performances, a Ferris wheel on our cyc wall for a Coachella-themed event, a replica of London’s Camden Town for a Bat Mitzvah, countless beautiful weddings, to photo and video shoots small or large, the days are never dull.  However, what always remains constant is that our team is always striving to create a positive energy on set, so that at the end of the day our clients go home with more than just magnificent photos–they take home a once-in-a-lifetime experience to remember.

What’s your favorite Wynwood spot to visit?

It is very difficult to choose a favorite spot in Wynwood as we are all very different but all very special at the same time.  If we had to pick, we would say our favorite spot is our wonderful neighbor across the street, who we consider family, Concrete Beach.  It is always fun and exciting to explore their back-of-house where they are crafting the most delicious beers, and spending time with their team.  They have inviting and warm energy, just like at MAPS Backlot.


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