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Breaking Bread with Zak the Baker

A Fresh Slice of Life in Wynwood

Welcome to the tasty world of Zak the Baker, the mastermind behind the well-known and oh-so-chill bakery in Wynwood, Miami. With a hip vibe and a passion for gourmet, house-baked goods, the four-time James Beard nominee and Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient has become a staple in the Miami food scene. From flaky croissants to crispy baguettes, this much-love bakery has something for everyone. And now, we’re sitting down with Zak for an exclusive inside look on how he has adapted and continued to thrive in Miami’s ever-changing Arts District. So grab a cup of coffee, a fresh-baked pain au chocolate, and bite into this outstanding bakery!

What values did you focus on during the early years of your business and how have they impacted your work?

We pride ourselves on doing the basics exceptionally well and consider ourselves craftsmen. Our foundation is baking bread, and we do it with pride and expertise.

Why did you choose Wynwood as the location for your bakery and how has the community responded?

Wynwood wasn’t a perfect fit initially, but it had an emerging scene of independent local businesses that valued craftsmanship. Being surrounded by fellow craftsmen was important to us. Our kosher bake shop with an open kitchen in an arts district created a unique and beautiful dissonance that resonated with customers.

How did Zak the Baker become the village bakery for Wynwood?

Our focus on making connections with customers is a reflection of our spirituality. [As The Miami Herald said, Zak is committed to “preserving his Jewish ancestors’ cuisine. He honors his Jewish traditions in how he treats those who come to his establishments — including his staff.”] Our open kitchen invites customers to participate in the craft and see who’s making their food. The simplicity and quality of what we do is what has made us successful. Wynwood is filled with loud and vibrant street art, so we keep our walls bare to showcase that our art is performative, creating something from nothing each day.

How do the three aspects of your business, retail outlet, sit-down cafe, and wholesale provider, work together?

There’s more to Zak the Baker than meets the eye. The retail side includes a sit-down cafe, while the wholesale side keeps our kitchen busy with bread production for shipment. Our bakery is a 24-hour hive of activity, supplying bread to all Whole Foods Market locations in southwest Florida. If you’re a real early riser, you can catch the trucks loading our shipments just around 4am.

What are some must-try items for first-time visitors?

I believe everything we make is good, but the magic hour is early in the morning around 8 to 9am when the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. Start with a croissant and coffee to experience the time and quality put into a simple, artful treat.

Are there any secret menu items or hidden gems at Zak the Baker?

Wynwood has continuously grown and developed over time, including a vibrant nightlife scene. Just like most businesses, we had to adapt. We recently opened a speak-easy night club in the back called “The Cooler” with a secret knock and handshake to enter. Mixologists create fine drinks and only play analog music. There is also a VIP area called “The Freezer” with a separate knock and handshake.

How do you maintain tradition and quality as the community grows?

As an independent business, we’ve adapted but never changed our core values, qualities, and traditions. Our success has been built on sticking to our roots, rather than being influenced by investors or partners.


To learn more about Zak the Baker, visit: https://zakthebaker.com

295 NW 26th St