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The Spark of a New Era: An Inside Look at Wynwood’s SimplyEV Superstore

Exploring the Inspiration, Challenges, and Electrifying Miami Race Week Events!

The automotive industry has undergone a revolution in the past decade with the introduction of electric vehicles. Enter SimplyEV Superstore, a company dedicated to providing eco-friendly transportation solutions to consumers. In this exclusive interview, we sat down with the founders of SimplyEV, Martin Gagliardi and Federico Urdaneta, to learn about the inspiration behind their brand, the challenges they faced along the way, and their plans for the future. Based in our vibrant Wynwood neighborhood, SimplyEV has won the hearts of locals and tourists alike. They are now gearing up for the Miami Race Week by hosting electrifying Formula 1 events that showcase the speed and performance of their vehicles. Read on to discover how SimplyEV is driving change for the industry’s future.


What inspired you to create SimplyEV, and what motivated you to focus specifically on electric vehicles?

A few years ago, we noticed a significant gap in the industry as many cities began regulating the number of ride-sharing services available. At that time, the electric scooter market was already mature overseas, so we saw an opportunity to open a market in the U.S. that focused on electric vehicles. Over time, we have seen a significant shift in how people view electric vehicles, from seeing them as toys to a more practical means of transportation.

Why did you choose to open your business in Wynwood, and how has the community responded to your presence here?

We chose to open our business in Wynwood because of the neighborhood’s reputation for being cool and hip. Our environmentally friendly electric vehicles align well with the aspirations of the community. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We have built strong relationships, and locals and tourists alike have shown a lot of interest in our unique company.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in launching and growing your business, and how have you overcome them?

Initially, one of our biggest challenges was getting our name out there. However, we invested in marketing, started group rides, and launched safety campaigns to overcome this obstacle. Today, one of the biggest challenges we face is educating consumers about the industry, which is largely unregulated. To address this, we prioritize safety by encouraging helmet use and providing protective gear.

Could you tell us more about the upcoming Formula 1 events that SimplyEV is hosting?

We have a lot of exciting events coming up for Formula 1 during Miami Race Week. We will be hosting racing simulators for all driving enthusiasts, along with an exciting racing competition where the fastest participants can win amazing prizes including hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, and discounts at our store. Kimoa, an apparel brand founded by Fernando Alonso, one of the current drivers of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team, is among the brands we carry and will be showcased during these events. Additionally, we are also organizing an F1 Miami Grand Prix watch party on Sunday, May 7th with delectable food, refreshing drinks, and a groovy DJ.

Looking ahead, what are your goals for SimplyEV, and how do you see the electric vehicle industry evolving in the years to come?

Our goal for SimplyEV is to expand our business by opening stores in additional markets like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. We also plan to manufacture our own products. We see a growing demand for electric vehicles, evident in the amount of foot traffic, inquiries and purchases we have received. We are excited about the future of the industry and the potential for continued growth.


Discover more about SimplyEV Superstore: https://www.simplyev.com 

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