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Soundlux Audio

Experience the Soundlux Difference: Where Passion Meets Precision

Surround yourself with vibrant beats and eclectic vibes at Soundlux, Wynwood’s ultimate audio haven. A playground for audiophiles, they elevate your listening experience with its relaxed environment, expert guidance, and seamless global service. From designing your ideal system to coordinating accessories, and delivering, installing, and fine-tuning – they’ve got you covered. Keep reading for an exclusive interview with Eric Gould, Founder and Owner of Soundlux, as he shares insights into the world of audio excellence.


Q: Please introduce yourself and tell us about Soundlux.
A: My name is Eric Gould, and we are here at Soundlux Audio in Wynwood, Miami. Soundlux is a premiere HiFi store — we design and build two-channel audio systems to help our customers best connect to their musical experience.

Q: Can you tell us about your background with music and what led you to open Soundlux Audio?
A: About 10 years ago I decided to open Soundlux Audio as a resource for people in Miami to figure out how amplifiers and speakers go together. It developed over the years into a unique platform where we spend a lot of time with our customers figuring out what their musical taste is and putting together the appropriate system for their room and budget. Ultimately our goal is to bring the best musical experience to our customers.

Q: What motivated you to choose Wynwood as your location? Can you elaborate on the unique aspects of Wynwood that made it an attractive destination for your brand?
A: Wynwood has been a great neighborhood for us, it’s diverse and interesting. We have so many people that visit from all over South Florida and often they use us as an excuse just to visit Wynwood.

Q: You mention in your personal experience, “There was too much of an emphasis on technicality and not enough on musicality.” Could you explain how the relationship between music and equipment can differentiate a person’s listening experience?
A: Music is a subjective experience, so we aim to bring to our customers the experience that best connects them with the musicality of music. We’re not as concerned with the technicality and what may be the latest and greatest in technology, but rather what conveys the experience of really listening to music and I believe that’s what really sets us apart.

Q: How does each piece of equipment play a part in the overall listening experience?
A: I feel people have been searching for more quality analog experiences, from writing in journals to buying vinyl records. These are tangible experiences that hold our attention and create a deeper connection. At Soundlux Audio, what we are trying to do is turn people onto listening to music better and develop audio systems where the system itself disappears and it’s just the connection between the music and the consumer.

 Q: Who are a few musicians/ artists that inspire you and maybe raised your expectations of music composition?
A: Music is in the core of our DNA and there’s a part of us that really wants to connect deeply. As it is a subjective experience, it can bring about different emotions for people. Personally, I use Louis Armstrong as my reference. If I can put on Louis Armstrong on our audio equipment and it feels as if he’s in the room, then the mission is accomplished.

Q: You do a tremendous job of informing and educating your customers. How does Soundlux engage with the community and continue to stay involved with the Wynwood neighborhood?
A: What we try to do is enable people to connect through high-end audio equipment. For the last 6 years, we’ve partnered with Sweat Records to host “Classic Album Sundays” which is a small event where we allow a group of people to participate in a listening experience of a classic album on our studio equipment. These events have been spectacular and have just been getting better. It’s a very special experience to be able to share with the neighborhood and community.


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