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Grand Opening Gallery

A New Day Every Day at Grand Opening Gallery

In the heart of Wynwood, where creativity thrives, the Grand Opening Gallery fosters an environment for collaboration and community. This dynamic concept, started by partners Taachi Hayes, Keyani Watkins, and Jason Wess, has quickly established itself as more than just a venue for showcasing art; it’s a committed resource and hub for creators of all backgrounds. They are embracing a philosophy of inclusivity by curating a collective mix of art, clothing, and music from emerging and established artists. Read more of the full interview to learn how Grand Opening Gallery is connecting with a diverse audience through art.




Q: What is Grand Opening Gallery? 

Taachi: Grand Opening Gallery was founded as a creative space for minority artists and creatives to have a platform, so we showcase everything from art to clothing and music.


Q: What does “New Day Every Day” mean to you?

Taachi:  “New Day Every Day” is a catchphrase that ties back into the name “Grand Opening”. The meaning behind it is that we shouldn’t let our past dictate our future; just keep pushing forward, let every day be your “Grand Opening,” and remember that every day is new.


Q: What was the process like from meeting your partners to opening a physical location?

Jason: Tachi and I started Grand Opening the brand, and then we got access to a great location in Wynwood. Then, we brought Keyani in to be the Art Director.


Q: Why was Wynwood the perfect place for your business?

Taachi: I think a big thing for us was keeping everything local and community-based. It’s great that Wynwood has all this exposure and artists from all over the world, but it did feel like a lot of the local spotlight was dwindling and disappearing. It was important for us to keep everything local and keep the local art alive.

Jason: I feel like Wynwood is the prime location for an art gallery. There are not too many art galleries left especially minority-owned and doing things that we are doing with the neighborhood. We just wanted to bring things back to the community and start building Wynwood back to how it used to be.


Q: We understand there are three of you that really make Grand Opening Gallery the place that it is. What is the dynamic between you three and how do your individual talents complement each other?

Jason: I really handle a lot of the graphics and visuals that you see here for our merch and shows, while Keyani really handles all the art and new artists that we showcase. And Taachi is more of the business, the backend, and the relations.

Taachi: Grand Opening was always meant to be bigger than just a physical location or a clothing brand. We all really got connected and started by just doing projects together. That’s kind of always been the goal for us – to see Grand Opening as more of a creative agency or creative lifestyle where we all support each other to keep moving forward.


Q: How do you select talent to collaborate with and how often are you switching installations?

Keyani: I’m always looking for new art via social platforms and physical galleries and it’s all about what I connect with. We also have a lot of artists who reach out to request their work be shown here. We normally have exhibitions that last a month or so, but of course, that can vary based on our activations and schedule.

Taachi: I think one thing to note is that we are really selective with who we pick and once we have that, the next step is to see how we can make the coolest and creative experience for the end consumer.


2242 NW 1st Pl