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Frangipani: Gifting Made Easy

Frangipani: Gifting Made Easy

Looking for a star bracelet? A fringe cuff? What about showing some local appreciation with a hand-drawn Miami tote bag? Frangipani makes this holiday gifting season painless. Their unique merchandise is carefully curated by owner & local celebrity Jennifer Frehling. The concept store is synonymous with Wynwood — it’s original, eclectic, tropical, artisanal, and just like their motto — funky, fresh and fun. Read what Frehling shares about her independent boutique, located at 2239 NW 2nd Ave, below.

How did you start Frangipani and how long have you been in Wynwood?

Frangipani has been open for over 10 years. We are one of the first stores to open in Wynwood. I chose this area because its an artist-driven community and the products we sell tend to be handmade, designer-made, artist-made, and I really wanted a community that would understand and support that. Wynwood is definitely the best spot in Miami.

How have you seen the community develop over the years?

When we first opened, it was the original warehouse buildings that were slowly being converted into retail spaces and restaurants, and over the years a lot of bigger projects have been developed. We now have apartments, hotels and co-working spaces, which have been great for the neighborhood since so many more people can come here and enjoy what Wynwood has to offer. Whether they’re locals who work in the area and go out to eat and stop in a store on their lunch break, tourists who are visiting, it’s just a great mix and a great energy.

What are some of the perks to being a local retailer and having a daily exposure to the neighborhood?

I really love the architecture, from the original warehouse buildings to the designs of these newly built residential one, just walking the streets it seems like every time you turn the corner there’s something new. My favorite time of the year is around Art Basel, when we get flooded with so many new and lively artists and murals!

Do you feel that the artist community has influenced how you curate your store?

I don’t think it’s influenced it as much as it feels like a perfect match. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my store when I came to Wynwood because this is the best spot in Miami for this type of independent boutique. Everything is small business driven and we support a lot of community initiatives, and Wynwood was the perfect place for that.

How have the customers received your store?

Since we don’t sell the typical brand name items, people come here looking for different and unique products. Everything is artist-made and small business driven, these products are one-of-a-kind and our consumers shop here searching for something special, because they know they can’t find it anywhere else. Wynwood is one of the only places in Miami that’s like that.

To learn more about this unique boutique, visit: frangipanimiami.com