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Z9 Ventures

We’ve been living and breathing the entrepreneurial life for years and now we want to help others make their dreams come true. Our passion is creating opportunities and developing value. We believe in simple philosophy of recognizing entrepreneurial teams with leading technologies and ideas, investing and partnering with those teams, and making a dent in the universe.

Active investing is a strategy involving the acquisition of investments and then taking a highly involved role in the management and operation of them. They rely on hundreds of strategic methods – including fundamental analysis, technical analysis and macroeconomic analysis – with the goal of determining profitable future investment trends. At z9 Ventures we believe that Venture Capital can, and should, have a positive impact on the way we live and connect with each other every day – we call this Passionate Venture Capital. It’s a simple philosophy but it’s one that inspires each and every investment decision we make. We choose to invest in and partner with entrepreneurial teams with “first generation” technologies or business ideas that we believe have the potential to contribute to a sustainable future.