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OOH RAW! Poke + Juice Bar


Chef-driven applies not only to our menu, but to our entire approach to serving you an authentic, healthy and unique experience. Our chefs from the Pacific Islands and South America have made it a priority to train and oversee experienced cooks to create a consistent dining experience that will make you want to roar, “OOH RAW!” We keep all our ingredients in temperature-controlled, stainless steel stations to ensure the highest standards of food safety, hygiene, and freshness that will make you want to come back for more.

Cali-Miami Inspired

Raw fish and fresh fruits have become key ingredients in many different cultures. Of course, every culture does it differently: Japan and Brazil have sushi and sashimi, Latin America has ceviche, and Italy has Crudo. Hawaii has poké.

As Californians and Miamians with Pacific Islander and Latin roots, we’ve created a Cali-Miami flare to Hawaiian and Brazilian cuisine. The flavorful creativity of our owners along with culinary experts from the Pacific Islands and Latin America have created both savory and sweet options that you won’t find at your average poké and juice bar.

Our Food Saves Lives

You may have heard the men and women who serve our country shout Oorah (United States Marine Corps), Hooah (United States Army), or Hooyah (United States Navy). In 1995, Sgt. Scott Stranger, Marine Corps Barracks Washington, said:

“Ooh-rah is not just a catchy little term that should be used lightly. It’s a feeling of emotion that comes from deep within and is used only when the amount of motivation in your gut has been built up so high it has no other choice but to explode through your vocal cords and crack the very air which tries to contain it.”  

This battle cry can be heard by our team members because at OOH RAW! The food is only part of our story. We live to make a difference every day by raising awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. At checkout, customers have an opportunity to donate $1, $3, or $5 to write their name or post a photo of a family member or friend who served our country on our Wounded Warrior Project dedication wall. On top of that, we will match donations up to $5 on select days and beginning in 2019, we will host an event every Veteran’s Day at every OOH RAW! location and donate a portion of our sales to the Wounded Warrior Project. Finally, all active and retired military and service members will receive 10% off their check at every OOH RAW! location. For more information, visit to learn more.

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