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Mr. Kream

In a world so complex, what two things will bring people together without a doubt? If you didn’t already guess it, it’s music and ice cream of course! For years music has been a worldwide outlet for love, happiness and triumphant over coming of struggles. Ice cream too, has been the center of the worlds biggest comfort foods for years. Now how does international DJ & producer DJ Affect come to fuse the worlds two biggest entities? Simple, his ever lasting love for music and flavor births the making of Mr. Kream. From the iconic musical figures on the walls, the daily DJ’s rocking beats, to the themed ice cream flavors. Mr. Kream is one of the most unique ice cream shops of its time. Flavors from ASAP Rocky road to 2 Live Blue, it’s an experience the whole family can enjoy. At Mr. Kream, they pride themselves on loving the culture and constantly growing with it. This is only the beginning of Mr. Kream and the journey of making people happy by satisfying those sweet cravings of the world!