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Art Fusion Galleries

Our mission is simply to offer new and emerging artists a springboard into a prosperous and successful career in art.

As a young man, I was exposed to the art auction houses of New York through my father’s work. When I moved to Europe during the 1980’s, I lived in Florence and, was inspired by the city’s rich artistic history and its alluring culture. From that moment on, I began to pursue my growing passion for art.

Along the way I learned that being a successful artist requires more than just talent, a strong work ethic, and a joyous passion for the creative process. It is also requires learning how the art marketplace works and developing the right opportunities to present your work to art buyers in a significant and substantive manner.

I feel fortunate to have had the experiences that now allows me to share my knowledge of the business side of art with new and emerging artist from around the world here in our Miami and St. Petersburg galleries. Jay Jakela and I founded Art Fusion Galleries almost twenty years ago in Miami. Since then, we have discovered and represented more than 800 artists along the way.