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Behind the Colors of the Wynwood Walls

Exploring the History, Vision & Exciting Future of Miami's Artistic Hub

The Wynwood Walls is Miami’s epicenter of street art. From its creation to its rise as a global hotspot for art enthusiasts and tourists alike, Daniel Ellis, from the Goldman Properties team, tells us all about the role of Jessica Goldman in continuing her father’s legacy and the process of selecting talented artists. Grab your spray cans and get ready to explore the colorful world of the Wynwood Walls like never before.

Could you provide us with a brief overview of the history of the Wynwood Walls and its significance for the development of the neighborhood?

The Wynwood Walls was established in 2009 by Tony Goldman, the founder of Goldman Properties. With a focus on revitalizing the neighborhood, the goal behind creating the Wynwood Walls was to foster a community of artists who could collaborate and expand their creative endeavors. Over time, it has evolved into a vibrant hub of creativity in Miami. What was initially a vision of infusing art into the community has now transformed into a global destination sought out by both artists and tourists.

As Jessica Goldman follows in her father’s footsteps, how has she continued his vision and contributed to the development of the Wynwood Walls and the Arts District?

Jessica Goldman, now the CEO of Goldman Global Arts and the curator of the Wynwood Walls, has embraced her father’s vision while bringing her own unique approach. She is a meticulous and passionate art collector herself. Jessica actively seeks out talented artists from around the world who create artwork driven by narratives, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their art and engage in conversations through the Wynwood Walls. She is deeply dedicated and persistent in her pursuit of artists who offer innovative and groundbreaking approaches. The focus is not on being a world-renowned artist, but on bringing something unique and inspiring to the table.

What is the process for changing murals and bringing in new artists to be a part of the open-aired museum?

Typically, we retire 10 artists and invite 10 new artists to join the Wynwood Walls. Over the past 14 years, the Walls have featured more than 120 artists from over 20 countries. Discovering such talent is a passion for Jessica, and it fills her with excitement as the curator of the museum. The process is quite extensive, involving careful consideration of the artists to be invited. Additionally, the installation process is time-consuming since we represent artists from all over the world, and we need to coordinate their schedules to come to Miami. Consequently, only during Art Week, which occurs once a year, a select group of artists is invited to the Walls.

How does the Wynwood Walls contribute to educating the community about street art and the neighborhood’s history?

The Wynwood Walls takes great pride in educating its visitors. In the past, street and graffiti artists did not receive the same level of respect they enjoy today. We offer a variety of tours, including private tours, group tours, and tours led by foreign specialists who can translate the information into different languages. Additionally, we have a self-guided tour available through our app, which allows everyone the opportunity to learn while they explore. These initiatives primarily aim to shed light on the history of Tony Goldman, the Wynwood Walls and the showcased artists. Last year, the Wynwood Walls announced the establishment of its foundation, partnering with “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami,” to give back to the community and inspire future artists. We have also invited over 130,000 students from Miami-Dade public schools to visit the Walls for free, offering them an opportunity to learn more about street art and even try their hand at graffiti. Our “Street Art Experience” program provides the necessary tools for kids to spray paint and learn from emerging artists right here at the Wynwood Walls.

What does the future hold for the museum and the ongoing development of Wynwood?

Within Wynwood, we have a diverse portfolio of commercial and retail spaces and we utilize the exterior walls as canvases for artists to create narrative-driven artwork. Some of our other notable Wynwood properties include Warby Parker, Panther Coffee and Zak the Baker. We are eager to continue building relationships and fostering opportunities within the neighborhood. As real estate becomes more limited, with vertical constructions becoming increasingly common, we are excited about the growing influx of people to Wynwood. This increase in foot traffic will undoubtedly lead to thriving businesses, thereby strengthening the community’s fusion with art. Our aim is to continue creating opportunities and inspiring all who encounter the Wynwood Walls.


Learn more about the Wynwood Walls: https://thewynwoodwalls.com
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