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BASE Superstore: All A Man Needs

Celebrating over two decades as Miami’s leading concept retail purveyor, Wynwood’s BASE Superstore has won the hearts and minds of a legion of fans. The company’s expertly curated mix of brands, alongside its signature line of fragrances, has been consistently applauded. BASE has continued to flourish and share a heartfelt passion for retail and the community it has long embraced. You can find out more at www.baseworld.com. Located at 2215 Northwest 2nd Avenue, it’s a Wynwood “don’t miss.” Here’s a brief interview with BASE co-owner Bruce Cannella (who co-founded the store with Steven Giles).

What is BASE and how long have you been in Wynwood?

BASE is a multi-brand men’s retail store. We’ve been in Wynwood for six years. What we do is curate an experience for our customers so that they can find something that’s different, something they won’t find in many locations. 

Why did you choose Wynwood for the store? What is it like having a retail space in this neighborhood?

One of the reasons we chose to move to Wynwood is because we feel like it is developing and growing. There are new residential apartments being built and boutique hotels and we can already see the neighborhood changing in this regard. We have clients who now live here, along with clients who are visiting that stay in this neighborhood, instead of South Beach. 

How have you seen Wynwood develop?

The neighborhood started with the art galleries and slowly that paved the way for many other small businesses like retail, restaurants, and coffee shops. Wynwood has become lively and vibrant, and people are going to discover smaller businesses that they wouldn’t find in other cities. 

What’s the best part about working in this neighborhood?

Being in Wynwood is great! It’s a walkable neighborhood that allows so many people to find great local businesses. We are exposed to lots of young creatives. In fact, we met a young Miami-based artist who has now designed a collection that we sell in our store. 

What sets Wynwood apart from other Miami neighborhoods? 

This is Miami’s Arts District and we have the largest concentration of street art, probably the largest in the world. This community is great for tourists and locals alike. There’s a new demographic living here that makes it an experience unlike anywhere else.